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Tilly Wonka - The Story

Hey, and welcome to the blog section of my online shop! In this blog, I will give you updates on what goes on in the Tilly Wonka kitchen, new products, pop-up shops, markets, and even educate you a little about chocolate - how it's made and some tips and tricks of mine...

Tilly Wonka White Chocolate Strawberry Love bars

Who am I? 

My name is Matilda, but my chocolate making alias is from another Roald Dahl classic that I'm sure you're familiar with. I started baking at a very young age, before I could even reach the workbench. My grandmother would pop me on a stool and I'd clumsily attempt to help (and lick the bowl, of course).

After many years of education, sidetracked goals and a move to a different country (Hey, UK!), I am back where I started, and I have fallen in love with chocolate.

Tilly Wonka in person

Why Chocolate?

Well, why not? Seriously though, chocolate is the perfect treat, present, token, thank you, sorry, I love you, and not at all guilty pleasure for anyone, anywhere. I love good chocolate, and I saw a lack of handmade, local chocolate that can be both gifted and enjoyed by yourself, with a film, I don't judge.

Box of Nutella Milk Chocolate pralines

How Does It Work?

I work from my own kitchen in the Cheshire countryside, and I make chocolate pralines and bars, always experimenting with flavours and combinations. You can order all my products in this online shop and it will be shipped to you within two working days, wherever you are in the world. Worldwide shipping is important to me, since I have friends all over the globe and I want everyone to be able to enjoy Tilly Wonka chocolate.

So simply browse, order, and then keep a look-out for your local post delivery person!

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