Welcome to Tilly Wonka!

Photo of Tilly Wonka

What is Tilly Wonka?

Tilly Wonka is my chocolate making alter ego and the brand name of this business. Here, I design and create handcrafted artisan chocolates in the heart of Cheshire. Every piece of shiny chocolate is both pretty to look at and delicious to taste.

I'm a one-woman team and work exclusively in small batches entirely by hand. I don't use any machines and hand paint every single piece of chocolate so each piece is truly one of a kind.

Who is Tilly?

My name is actually Matilda, but I chose to take my chocolate making alias from another famous Roald Dahl classic.

I grew up in Sweden and moved to the UK six years ago to study Experimental Psychology at the University of Oxford. Three years later I moved to Cheshire, where I now run Tilly Wonka full time.

Other than making chocolates, I love music, books, lifting weights in the gym and drinking huge cups of tea.

Blonde woman smiles to the camera while eating churros at a food market in York.


If you have any questions or just want to say hi, feel free to pop me an email to tillywonkas@gmail.com!