Flavour Guide

Here is a full list of the flavours I offer in the Selection boxes. Have a look, order a Selection box and enjoy! Please note that not all flavours will always be available, since some are seasonal.
  1. White Chocolate Nutella (n)
  2. Hazelnut & Caramel (n)
  3. Cinnamon Bun
  4. Campfire Hot Chocolate
  5. Tangy Lemon
  6. Mint Dream
  7. White Raspberry
  8. Smooth Vanilla
  9. Caramel Biscuit (g)
  10. Salted Caramel
  11. Dark Raspberry
  12. Sea Salt & Coconut (vg)
  13. Peanut Butter Cup (n)
  14. Coffee & Cardamom (vg)
  15. Chocolate Ball